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Amber Ramirez, RCSWI

Amber Ramirez

Amber Ramirez, RCSWI
Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

My name is Amber Ramirez and I was raised in Tampa, FL. I attended the University of South Florida (USF) for my B.A. in Psychology and Masters of Social Work (MSW). I have worked as a social work intern at BayCare Integrated Stabilization Unit (ISU), James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, and private practice. With that said, I have diverse experience with different types of populations to include but not limited to, inpatient, intimate partner violence (IPV), military veterans, adults, individuals, groups, children and adolescents. Some skills I currently possess are teaching anxiety relaxation, increasing coping mechanisms, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

I became a clinical social worker to provide help to others overcome mental and or life challenges and to improve their quality of life. My promise to my clients is to help them to the best of my ability by using cultural humility, strength based, and a non-judgemental approach. I welcome and recognize each individual and their unique challenges.

My end goal is to help every individual become their own therapist and cope with their unique situations by utilizing their inner strengths and capabilities.

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