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Our therapists offer a FREE 20 minute consultation.

We know that finding the right fit with a great therapist is very important to your healing journey. This is why we offer this free consultation, in person or remotely via zoom or phone. We want you to have already established rapport with your therapist. Then you know your first session will start off great.

Fill out the form on this page to send a consultation request. You can also call or text (813) 812-5525 and we will schedule this free consultation for you.

The first purpose of the consultation is to share why you’re seeking therapy. Second, it is to get to know your therapist to make sure if they are a good fit for you. Third, your therapist will answer any questions about the therapy process. Finally, should you choose to do so, you can schedule your first session with your therapist at this time. Otherwise, there is no obligation to commit to sessions, unless you are completely comfortable with moving forward.

Please note, the free consultation is scheduled to be approximately 20 minutes long. You are encouraged to share whatever your therapist should know to understand why you are seeking therapy, but please know that the free consultation is not a therapy session and no psychotherapeutic advice or help will be given at this time. This is a time for you to share and to have your questions about the therapy process answered.

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