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A Better Getting Better Experience

You’ve decided to pursue therapy. You want a great experience while you are getting better.

The Life You Envision!

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A Premier Therapy Center

You’ve decided to pursue therapy. You want a great experience while you are getting better.

We know there are many options to choose from. We want you to LOVE the getting better experience and process. You can go anywhere, but our goal is to give you the best experience. 


individual therapy

Individual Therapy

Proven, effective treatments to get you the life you envision.

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couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Strategies and guidance to strengthen and support your marriage.

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family therapy

Family Therapy

Tools to enhance your family, no matter the stage of life.

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Specialized Child Counseling

We offer specialized children’s therapy and counseling for kids ages 3-14 years old at our sister center, The Kid Counselor Center. We have 5 Play Therapists that specialize in working only with kids! Click the button to go to that website.

The Kid Counselor Center

We Specialize in…

Marriage counseling

When you reach the point where you wonder what happened to the couple who said, “I do,” it’s time for help. Our therapists allow for healthy dialogue and communication to restore the love and trust.

Teens & Adolescent Therapy

Teens have unique challenges these days – they can require processing and acclimation. Our specialized teen therapists will guide them on their journey through the struggles.

Family issues

When the family balance is upset, it creates stress and wreaks havoc in our lives. Our therapists allow every voice to be heard, so that harmony and healthy patterns are developed and sustained.

Women’s Issues

There are things unique to women that men don’t deal with. Our therapists can help you navigate your specific and individual needs so that you can thrive.


Sometimes life throws us unexpected situations, and we struggle to handle them without panic, fear, worry, and sadness. Our therapists can provide you with the insight and perspective you need to regain control.


When children test our patience, knowledge, and skills, sometimes we know that we could use extra training and information. Our therapists provide practical, effective, and useful tools to give you confidence.

Start with the End in Mind

Imagine your life after you’ve overcome your struggles.

How will you use what you gain in therapy to make your life better?

When you call to schedule your initial consultation, you’ll meet your therapist and make sure this is a good fit. Early in the process, you’ll have built rapport with your therapist and you’ll make the decision to dive into the work of treatment. Over time, you’ll begin to notice changes and growth that reflect your new skills and awareness. Eventually you’ll know that you tackled everything you came to address. You’ll have the support you need to move into a new chapter in your life, one where you are better and stronger.

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A Better Getting Better Experience!

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What is the difference between couples and family therapy?

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